Adventures in the life of Jaimie Mantzel

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Ontario Track and Field Championships, 1994

Ontario Track and Field Championships, 1995

Sometimes you need look no further than your own front yard for adventure...especially when it snowed all day!  Feb. 6, 2001

Sometime in the fall of 2002 I went hiking in those mountains west of DC.  Hmmm.  I went with my best friend, Steph.  I'll have to ask her what that dilly place was called.
Aaaanyway...  there were bears involved!

I really did it this time!  I bought a mountain in Vermont, and I'm building a... well, you'll see.
Roughly... October, 2003.

Here's the continuation of Vermont!
Nov-Dec, 2003

These were all taken at the end of February, 2004.
There's instructions to get to the J-ME Dome.  :-)

These are all from April, 2004.
There's some good pictures in here!

Huff... puff.... this is hard work!
...up to August, 2004.

YAY!  My shower works!  ...and such cool
new floors!  (sept 24)

Joe and Keely came up and took a bunch of
pictures in the summer of 2004... here they are!

WOO!  I made a lookout tower ontop of the dome.
That makes it 4 stories.  :-)  ...and I started a 2nd

Jaimie chips a tooth and installs a toilet
(unrelated events).  Fall, 2005

Frisbee guys came to visit and Josh took some great
pictures.  :-D
**The characters portrayed within' may or may not
be real.   ...and do not necessarily support any
views expressed within'.**

I went to Alaska for the summer!  (2006) ...and of
course, built something.

Heres the rest of me and Kimberly in

My house again....  a friend came over and his
camera is WAYYY better than mine, so here are 
decent pictures of my place.(the dome)  Roughly oct, 2006

My friend, Flor, came to visit the dome.  Its so nice to have friends come and take updated pictures! 

I built a greenhouse in DC.  :-)  May, 2007.
Loads of fun, and I learned a lot.  Take a look!
(well... if you want)

Video Section!

I fixed up an old stone tower, and made some bee hives! Burnsville, NC, March,  2008

The DOME! video!  Video's seem to be replacing photographs now.  So... check here to see whats up with the dome of uhh... April, 2008  ...for an unforseen amount of time.