Here's how to get to the J-me dome!  If ya wanna come visit, e-mail me, and I'll tell you the street address where this path starts.  :-)  Or... if you know me in person, just ask, silly!  OK, one day when I was carrying heavy things up the mountain, I decided to divide the journey (about 1km) into 7 sectors.

Park on the side of
the road, and take 
sector 1....

...past a pond to the
tunnel that goes
under the highway.

Sector 2 gets you
to the forest...

Sector 3 goes up

...the 2nd pond.

Sector 4 is up to the
3rd pond.

Sector 5 is up a hill
to a stump with a 
cable around it.

Sector 6 is a short
walk to the cliff.

Sector 7 is up the
rope and to home!
Its the J-ME Dome!

walk around it and...

...there's wood, and
the temporary door

Peek inside.  Ya, its
not close to finished.

Looking straight up

looking outside from
the top of the dome.

Woooo... pretty high

Inside again.  I love

Looking down inside

Hangin' from the top

There's the
J-ME Dome!

From the top of the

A windmill with a
generator&light on it.

Me and my place.

J-ME Dome. View
from the bottom.