Ontario Track and Field Championships

    This is a book that someone artistic made for me so that I'd always be able to remember the day I did more than anyone thought I could do... (I have to admit, I wasn't even sure how well I could do).  It was a great day, my high school track team went to the provincial championships and well... see how we did.  I only hope everyone has days like this.        Thanks, and have fun - Jaimie Mantzel


The meet was in Kingston Ontario

I did some secret training on my own in the months before...

Thats my coach, he's great.

I was a little under the weather before the meet because I was working 12 hour night shifts...

Thats me in the back with blond hair, hee hee.  and mom 'n bro.

Even though I had won the 800m the previous year, I wasn't expected to this year...

Mom 'n coach in the stands, they didn't think I had a chance...

Thats Rob in the dark blue in the middle

He didn't win, but he ran an ok race.

My 800m semi-final, I'm on the left.

Coach Russ watchin'

That guy ahead was favoured to win, I let him win the semi... (top 2 qualify)

Me with my shirt off at 155lbs.  I lost 25lbs 'cause I was sick bafore

Some dudes from school, my girlfriend, at the time, on the right was mad 'cause I didn't talk to anyone before my race

The 1500m, from a little before my race... some guys I knew were in it, Matt Kerr won.

About five minutes before my race it started pouring.

Me in the middle... this is my favourite picture... nerves!!!

1st lap I was in 3rd and decided I'd either come first or collapse before the finish...

I didn't collapse...

...until after the race, thats me on the ground, hee hee

Man, was I happy, and completely wasted...

I looked like hell, hee hee, but I felt great!

Theres my bro'

Next was the 4X400, theres the team, Me, Rocky, Mark, Alex

Rock started, and handed off to Mark a little behind...

Mark caught some and handed off to Alex...

Alex ran a great race and handed off to me...

Look at those nervous guys, hee hee

Well, we came second, but it was better than anyone expected.


Us, after da' race

Finally, my girlfriend could talk ot me but she was a little pissed.. 

Coach Russ sure was proud...

Hee hee, I guess everyone was smiles then.

Flashback, lining up in order... it took me longer to get up then it did to run the race.

There's usbein' happy after a good day

The end.

Thanks Ingvar.