Vermont 9

Uhhh.... lets see.  I grew a garden this summer... tomatoes, Okra, .  I also smashed myself in the face with pliers whilst working on the 3rd floor.  (There are some pictures of the 3rd floor on the next page of picture).  I also made a counter for my "kitchen", and decorated a little.  You know.... just incase I ever have to impress anyone.  ha ha.  Oh, right... and I installed a toilet.  Ya ya, I know.  Took long enough.  Toilets are over rated.  ..but nice to have.  :-)

Here's the morning sun.

Here's my garden with the automatic
watering system set up so I could leave

Airtight containers with holes in the bottom. when it gets hot (daytime) expension
would push water out, and cold (night) would
pull air bubbles in.
Chipped teeth.

My new counter.  and new shelves.

Another shot of my counter.  mmmm,

Ok.... another view.  Sheesh.

Toilet.  :-P  No bathroom walls yet,
but... I'm pretty much always alone
so who cares.

I put paintings and drawings on my ceiling.
....cuz I like 'em!