Vermont 10

So... as I was saying, Frisbee guys came up to hang out for a bit on Saturday.  I've been playing Ultimate frisbee.  I still can't call it that, though. To me its just frisbee.  :-P  Anyway, its really fun, and the people on the team are great.  Here's pictures that one of 'em took.  These are all out of order as usual.

The frisbee guys.  :-)
Down below at the small dome.

Looking up at the big dome.

Inside the small dome.  (The one
with the hot tub).  :-)

Yep. The hot tub.

There's me on the 3rd floor.  Its
Chain link fence.

Inside looking up at the 2nd floor.

The life saving railing.  yippee.

Hanging out.

Cool picture.  3rd floor above.

More inside pictures.

Up on the 3rd floor looking down
the hatch.

Me on the 4th floor.


The forest from 4th floor.

My sunset from 4th floor.  

Looking down outside.

Looking down at small dome.

Small dome again.

4 people on the 4th floor...

...and it didn't collapse.  Yay!  heh heh

My stuff.  Robots, drawings...

I like this picture lots.

More inside.

...and some more.

Why is there a wok up there?

My.. uh... generator.

Shot of the joints.

Looking down from 2nd floor.


Me leaning on my counter.

Inside looks really cluttered here.

Some little sculptures on a collumn.

Ceiling paintings and drawings.


my head and stuff

err.. still my head and stuff.

My stairs.

Inside wall.

Looking up.

Looking up with no flash.


The forest! ...almost sunset.

Getting dark, time to go.  :-D