JME... runs around the forest!

So... Steph and I decided to do something outside... like hiking all day in the woods.  We jumped in her can, and went to a national park, and pick a 10 mile trail through the mountains.  Took a few hours to get there, and when we were about to park... we saw...........


This Bear!  He was just hangin' out walking across the road.  We watched him for a bit, and Steph took a picture while we talked about whether or not I could take a bear like that.  haa haa
...just in case.
I decided to keep my knife in my pocket... just in case.  You know...  the big knife that I made... its on my 'smithing page, and has a spider in the handle.  We saw lots of blobs of big poop tha could only have been bear poops!  yuck.  And sure enough, within the first mile, we heard this beast charging through the bushes.  Don't worry, it was running away.
After the first hour or so, I felt that Steph was getting a little bored of just walking and walking.  Sooo...  I stopped her, and decided to have a challenge!  You know... "Survivor" style.  (She likes that show).  It was a throw rocks one after the other until the winner hits this tree that was about 30m away.  Well, she kicked my butt!  argh!  Got it on the third throw.
1-0 Steph.

Then we stopped at the edge of a valley to throw rocks at the waterfall on the other side.  Way up behind Steph in the picture.  I don't think she was ready for the picture.  haa haa.

She took one of me too, but I was ready.  :)  er.. kinda.  SMILE!  haa haa.  Look, I'm standing on top of the trees.  OK OK, we were just on an overlooking cliff.  I love the wilderness....  when you can see hundreds of miles of unknown terrain full of little mysteries.

After the acorn pick up, and the stick stuck in a tree challenges was the "cut this log in half taking turns wacking with my knife" challenge.  It took about 20 minutes, but I got the final blow.  :-)

Then we got to one of the waterfalls that I insisted be on our path.  :)  I love waterfalls!  So we jumped in.  :)

After a few more challenges in which I won dinner....  :)  we were about a mile from the end of our journey, and...  We saw bear #3.  This bear was literally about 100ft up a tree!  AND.... the tree was right beside the path we had to take.  I just remember steph asking "what should we do" in a concerned voice as the bear saw us, and started bookin' it down the tree.  I've never seen an animal move like that!  It was quick, and wreckless, but incredibly good at climbing.  It was coming down fast.  I secretely powered up... just incase  ;-)  as I said, "Don't worry.  He's more scared of us than we are of him... and besides.  I won't let anything happen to you."  We got past the tree before the bear reached the bottom.  That was my biggest worry... having to still get past it if it came down and didn't run off.  He did though, and we lived to tell the tale.  :)  One more picture for the road.  :)

Yep.  Our tongues are still intact.  Ya gotta check these things every now and then....  just incase 

Oh...  and the 4th bear was just on the side of the road while we drove outta there.  :)  Cars were stopped... watching, but we'd seen enough of 'em for now.  :)