Vermont 7

 So... last summer (2004) Joe and Keely came to visit!  Thats was cool.  Joe isn't in any of the pictues, but I assure everyone, he was
 behind the camera.  So... since no one reads this part anyway.... What has 2 legs, spots, and bleeds?   Here's the answer in reverse.
 (hateehc a flah)  ha ha.  terrible joke.  OK, here's the excellent pictures Joe took!  Thanks, dude.  Hmmm... maybe if I get motivated
                sometime, I'll put them in order.  :-P   ok ok.... there.  I did it.  They're roughly in order now.   Augh!  That just messed up all the links, though!  Sheesh.  Nevermind.  They're totally out of order.  :-P


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