Flor Visits the dome...

So, my friend, Flor, decided to come out of her pretty home to play at.... dun dun DUN.... The dome!

There's the Dome...

..and the dork (me)

Going in (yep, this IS clean)


Nice hat heat, penguin boy

Appropriate dome behavior


The 3rd floor is so fun

The beautiful and talented Flor

UH OH!  Too serious!

Thats better.

Trying on my coat.  

Sunset in Jamius

The dome at its best..

My at the top of the mountain
The dome at its bestest.

Flor on a log.  hee hee

View at the top...

view from the top...

Movie!  We watched
"Castle in the Sky"

Ok... It got up to about 110
degrees and I was dying...

...because SOMEONE was cold!

Finally.... warm enough!!!!

Work, slave!

Chop chop

Off to cut "more" wood.

Flor making me laugh.

She almost fell over like 
8 times.

Thats the way up to my house.