Vermont page number 5

OK, I spent yesterday carrying concrete up the mountain, then I drove half the night, so I'm too tired to be motivated to make the colors on this page all pretty and everything.  I'd say its even pushing it for my to finish all the little blurbs under the pictures right now, so...  I hope no one minds if its not so coherent.  :-P  I've hardly left the mountain for over 2 months now.  I'm starting to think that I better start being a little more social so I don't competely forget how to talk.  That would make it pretty difficult to ever find a girlfriend, and I'd die alone in the forest!  Oh no!  Aww, it doesn't sound that bad.  I'll just keep working on stuff.  ha ha.

OK, so I started putting up
the 2nd floor... took a while...... .

Then I had to make an
emergency catwalk out of
a ladder to fix panels up top

There's me....  Lookin' good,
ma' man.ha ha.  uhhhh... right

Making boards with an axe
is tough, but once I learned
that oak splits straight...

...and got a little practice, it
started going pretty

Its lots of hard work,

but fun and rewarding.

Pretty close to done.  I think
its coming out great!

There's a view out the windows
from the 2nd floor.

There's me lyin' around
taking a break..

....still taking a break...

But now for the plumbing!
Time to dig tranches, and lay
I also put in an earth duct...
basically a long underground
pipe that brings mild temp air in.

Now the 1st floor has a ceiling!
The main part of the floor is done.
Just the front few feet are left.

I decided to get out my 
magnifying glass to make a

Here's what its talking about.
A bunch of solar panels
strewn around the ground,

and a couple little windmills.

Yay!  Stairs!  I put these in a 
little prematurely to accomodate
a few small guests.

There they are!  My older sis's
family.  They're really cool...

...and apparently my new name,
according to a 4yr and 8yr old is
"The Silly Guy!"

...I took it as a compliment.
There's the stairs again.

Here's another part of the
plumbing.  The raincatcher

The black tube drops the water
into 2 55-gallon drums

It gets the water from the outside
of the dome via little tubes that 
go out and attach to panels.

Here's Sid, and his friend
Crystal.... leaving at about 4am.
We all jumped in the river.

There's me again.I might be smiling.
I really love it here!  Amazing
environment, and tons of fun stuff
to do!