Ontario Track and Field Championships

    This is a book that someone artistic made for me so that I'd always be able to remember one of the best adventures of my time on earth.  It was a great day, my high school track team went to the provincial championships and well... see how we did.  I only hope everyone has days like this.        Thanks, and have fun - Jaimie Mantzel


Ontario Federation of School Athletic Assoc.

Ontario track and field Championships

me in the back

Sis, me, mom, bro

Da' track

Alex in the first lap of the junior boys 800m semi-final (he's 4th in blue shirt)

Alex qualifying for the final

Thats me leading the senior boys 800m semi-final

Thats me winning my Semi

Theres my butt in the stands

me talkin' to mom, thats my coach in the hat

me asking for money with my 4-fingered gloves

my mom ramblin' on at me again, me not payin' attention

I don't know

Alex on his way to his race

Alex in 5th place... yes there's a guy waayy ahead

Alex finished 3rd in Ontario... awsome

Alex talkin' to Coach Russ

Rob in the 1500m (blue shirt, purple shorts)

Rob came 2nd in the 1500m... cool

Rob also came 3rd in the 3000m... awsome

Me right before the 800m final

Coach Russ watchin'


No one wanted the lead so we had a slow 1st lap (thats me in the lead)

Coach Russ watchin', he's a great coach

Me bustin' @$$ down the final straight in 1st place

My high fivin' Alex, but you can't see him

My mom and coach lookin' all proud and stuff

Rob, Alex, Rocky, me
we ran the 4x400m together too

Me n' Al, or uh... Al n' me we feel real good in this picture cause we done good

Rocky n' me checkin the official times, I ran 1:53

Me n' Rock in a carefree post race mood

mom sayin'... who knows what.(He put Shakespere in there 'cause I was annoyed about some assignment)

me lookin' like a dork, but I didn't care

Rock n' me all smiles checkin' out girls n' stuff

The end.

Thanks Ingvar.