Vermont 1

OK, so I've been wanting to buy land for a while, and in the summer of 2003 my occassional brousing of online land for sale listings paid off, and I found this!  25.4 acres of forest in Vermont that was way cheap!  Ok, its cheap cuz there's no road to it, but I actually kinda like that.  I sure am glad that there are so many wimps around!  ha ha, that way my land was considered useless.  :-)  Its pretty much all woods, a mountain, valley, a few fresh water springs, cliffs, caves.  Basically, its a really cool little piece of terrain.  So, I bought it, quit my stupid job (that was just stupid anyway!), and moved to my mountain to build um... well, lots of things, but first is the JAIMIE DOME!  Its a geodesic dome 24' across, 27' tall, mostly greenhouse.  That way I can grow a banana tree!  ...amongst other things.  Mmmmm, fresh fruits and vegetables... with no chemicals!  Oh, and basically, I want to have a place in the middle of the woods that has everything you can get in the city, but self sufficient.  Its soooo fun building all this stuff. I finally have enough space to do whatever I want.  My friend Damaris came out here too.  Thats really cool cuz its kinda far from where she works.

Here's a spot for Damaris to say something!  Damaris' spot---
Jme's mountain is great, but I don't recommend carrying 94 lb bags of cement to anyone (except the crazies)!  I've spent time in many places, but this beats all of them hands down.  If you get the chance to visit, you should take it.  GET OUT OF THE CITY!  We promise we won't make you work..........too hard :-)

Me in my new forest...
ontop of my mountain

Brushin tooths

Looking down at
Royalton, VT

Where I'm building my 
new place

Lame picture.  Me
crossin' the street

Me smashing rocks with
a sledge hammer
...still crushing rocks

Looking off the cliff
beside my new place

Lookin' up at the top of
my mountian from my
new place

Damaris smashing rocks

Pee pee!  heh heh.  No
plumbing yet

Prepping concrete

Very very serious
business.  :-P

YAY!  Concrete!  ...and

My mountain... from the
Hardware store

Tents... **rolls eyes**

Damaris yelling at me not
to take a picture!

Damaris carrying

YAY!  Steel frame is 

lookin... baaaaaad.

Another "don't take this
picture" picture

Damaris bolting pipes

Me punching holes in
pipes.  Talk about lucky
finding a punch at the 

Just imagine Damaris is
6' tall!  Then everything
looks really really big!