Vermont 8

OK, so I've been a busy little bugger.  I left for Florida for a few months over the winter.  That was great!  I visited my family down there and got to see my litte brother a lot.  I've been back in Vermont for several months now, though and have not been doing beans to document anything.  I decided to focus all my energy on building and stuff.  My digital Camera also ran out of batteries, and I wasn't having any motivation to get new ones.  A friend recently gave me some new batteries for my camera upon realizing that that was the only excuse I had for not updating my website and showing whats going on in my neck of the woods  (thanks Anna).  So... I just got my camera operational again, and I took some pictures.  A lot has happened sonce last time I did.  I built a new room on top of the dome.  Sorry I don't have pictures of the construction.  It was pretty cool, though.  Really, I need a documentarian to take care of this stuff.  Ya know... I'm just gonna shut up 'cuz no one ever reads this part anyway.  So, enjoy the pictures!

Here's a full view of the dome!
...popular request
My favourite shirt.... given to me

My Brother!  Hey, dude!  :-)

Here's the NEW DOME!
I want to bury it...
to make an artificial cave with 
a secret entrance
Here's the view looking out
Inside the cave will be a hot-tub
...built into the floor.
(See the pile of concrete)
Just me... playing with
Me at a museum making a 
stink face
Me in the morning.  :-P
Still life a la Jaimie's Place