Its done!  woohoo!  Well, ok.  There's still the PLumbing, and some electrical work, and the small matter of the mountainside slip and slide, the pool, hot tub, dojo, beach volleyball court.... etc etc..  ok ok, but the walls of the dome are done, so shush!  One day when it was 58 def F outside, it was 94 deg F inside.  hee hee.  Without the stove on or anything.  Ya, I better vent it good before the hot weather comes!

The last of the panels
being constructed!

hmmm....  ya.  Why is a 
wax guy puking on me?

I'm not a very good panel.
I block light.

Damaris working...

...and working...

Generator on a bike? 

Hey, you wanna charge 
your phone... get ridin!

Sid... trying not to chop
his fingerts off

There's a familiar

...and another.  Hope I
don't get sick of it.

Digging in the Spring.
There's the dome behind.

Who are those scary
woodland creatures!?

Is that a nose smashed
against window Damaris?

Ya... total mess...
construction area.
YAY!  This one is a good

There's me with my
dome!  :-)

Damaris having... uhh...  ?  tee hee.