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The Giant Robot Project!  (Click to go to Robot Page)
Yep, I'm building a Giant Robot.
Here's a couple articles about it/me too!  :-)
Interview: Giant Robot Builder Jaimie Mantzel
Jaimie Mantzel Giant Robot Project
Mad Scientist Infrastructure (In order to build the giant robot, must build a workshop, so need a service road! ...dug by hand thorugh the mountains!)
Operation: Crazy Operation.  (building a rediculous;y huge almost completely recycled workshop on a mountain with only foot access)


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Hi, my parentally given name is Jaimie.  I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (an awsome place) where I attended Westmount Secondary School.  Then I went to the US to go to College at Brown University (not an awsome place) where I proceeded to rack up more debt than you can shake a stick at because I ended up paying for it all myself, and if I didn't already know it well enough, my kids are definitely not going to have to pay their own way through school!  Enough of that though.  Oh, and I finished paying off my school loan, so its ok now. You can pay off your loan with bitcoin too. Now there are many ways to trade different cryptocurrencies easily and more effectively. One of these options is Crypto Superstar 2021, an automated trading software that automates the day-to-day trading of currencies for traders.  heh heh

Whadaya think my page needs, e-mail me at:  [email protected]
or even better... you'll know I get the message if ya instant message me
AOLIM "JMEMantzel"
MSN [email protected]
Yahoo JMEMantzel

Oh, and if you have any cool life storiesor adventures or artwork, or whatever that you think people should know about, or it would just be cool to have on a website, send 'em to me.  Oh, and make sure you tell me who to say did it.  Like I wouldn't wanna put your name beside it if you meant it to be anonamous or something and get you in trouble.  heh heh.  Cool, if anyone sends me something, I'll start a new section.
Check it!  here's the new section.  :-)