Jaimie Mantzel's Art

Here's some of my recent art... not necessarily my best, but the ones I like the most. ), At the top we have things from 1999... and as ya go down, they get more recent.  I'll keep putting up ones I like now and then.  :-)  Hopefully they
can make someone smile.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, e-mail me at:  [email protected]

Baby bums
24'' X 18''
Ink on paper
Ain't babies cute


Woman's belly
Whistling 14'' X 18''
ink on paper
In Drawing class I used
to get a little bored, and 
make stuff like a belly be
a face.
Guy in Mouth
14'' X 18''
crepas on paper
...or like make the model green
with big ears and sitting in a
Warrior Goddess
18'' X 24'' coloured
pencil, crepass on paper
This was for an assignment
"Draw yourself if you were
the opposite sex"
Lizard Guy
24'' X 18''
charcoal on paper
Ain't he cute?
8'' X 14''
crepass on paper
I drew a whole comic of this
guy once in Drawing class.
They didn't like it 'cause...
"Comics aren't art" whatever
Self portrait
48'' X 36''
ink on paper
Ack!  I'm naked, draw some
clothes, quick!
Self Portrait
24'' X 18'' crepass on paper
 Don't know what I was on
when I did this one, heh heh
18'' X 24''
Crayon on paper
Don't let them go!  I drew
this when I got injured at 
track practice...
24'' X 18''
Crayon on paper
She's my only friend
that I see more than once
a month these days... until
she moved...
Dorm Room
24'' X 18''
Pencil crayons on paper
This one is from, freshman
year. (1996 I think)  Brown University
dorms, barely enough room to
breath.  cough cough... heh heh
18'' X 24''
Crayons on paper
This is how I feel when I'm
working out and am really
sore, but keep going...
18'' X 24''
Crayons again.  heh heh
I just like cute butts...
20'' X 18''
Charcoal on paper
Just a drawing I did in class
one day.  She didn't actually
have a frog in her mouth,
but she was making that face!
18'' X 24''
Crayons on paper
I don't care what anyone says!
I like crayons!
24'' X 18''
Ink on paper
Sometimes the world does
Where is that little...
Crepas on paper
18'' X 24''
uh oh, profanities.
Don't click on this one,
kiddies.  hee hee
Crayons on Paper
24'' X 22''
Hey Chris, THIS is a 
landshark.  These chase me
when I run too slow.


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