My 11 year old brother's story!

    Just as my dad lit a fire, something flew into the chimney.  Apparently, it was my brother's invention gone haywire.  It almost took out the entire house, and started destroying the master bedroom and blew up our car.  The invention was a giant robot.  Then out of the blue, a missile started toward us.  I started running to get away from it along with everyone else and we ran at least 2 miles and the robot was still coming after us.  the robot caught up to us and kidnapped some of us.  He locked up the captured people in a storage tank inside his robot body.  The only ones not captured were Jaimie and me.  We escaped and fled to Canada.

    the robot didn't know where we were.  In order to survive we made weapons, bombs, and other stuff.  Then one day I said, we will have to destroy your invention, Jaimie, and save mankind.  Three days later we saw the robot in Toronto, Canada.  It saw us running at it with machine guns and bombs.  We started shooting at it with guns and missiles.  Even thought we hit it many times it wouldn't stop.  The robot was stunned for a moment and this gave us a chance tosave the hostages.  We hid in an underground lair and we held the robot off until we ran out of ammo and started using the bombs.  Then all of a sudden another giant robot, we called Roboman, came and started fighting the evil robot.  We had no idea where it came from.  Roboman shot a missile at the giant evil robot and pretty much blew it into Lake Ontario.  To our surprise the evil robot got up, grabbed a car and threw it at Roboman.  In an instant Roboman was destroyed.

    Luckily Jaimie had been making a special bomb that he now threw at the evil robot.  The bomb destroyed the evil robot and we were finally safe and had saved North America from an unspeakable horror.

    Jaimie is going back to the drawing board to build a new safer version of his evil robot.  We never did find out where Roboman came from, but we are all grateful for what he did to save us.  It was a dengerous and great adventure and it's going to feel strange going back to school as if nothing happened.

The End