Here's me...

Here's my eyeballs...

Here's my head...

Here's the side of  my 

Here's me in an 800m,
I'm the one in front.

Here's my head lookin

Ack!  Too close...

Here's me lookin out 
the window...

Here's me on the podium
after an 800m
(I'm at the top, tee hee)

Woo! I'm all surprised
and stuff

This is my new hair(s) cut.
I did it myself.

And here we have post workout
Jaimie, complete with Dead meat
accessories, and "Bored certified
Goon" shirt.

So, ya wanna see me smile...
You asked for it!

OK OK, here's one of me
smilin like normal...
but I look like a dork!

Oh great, now I'm turning my
back on you.  he he

He He, just kiddin', I'll blow
you a kiss.  HEY!  don't go
gettin' any funny ideas!

Can you see the whites of 
my eyes...

How 'bout now...?
hee hee 'bout NOW!
haa haa haa

Me after a night of combing
my hair with a pillow.

Thats me lookin' all
mischevious... for some
reason.  heh heh

Here's normal me.
Apr 1, 2002

Me ummmmm.... 
being me.

Uh, still me!  March 2003

Cape Cod winters....
Windy as hell!

Good hair day.

May 3rd, 2005.
Birthday morning

Playing with wax from
a Babybell.  (cheese)

One from summer/fall 2007

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