Operation: Crazy Operation!
Creating the Banana Building.
In a nutshell, I got my hands on a free retired airplane hanger.  30ft by 45ft.  Ya, huge!  I couldn't pass it up, so I took it knowing I had no way to get it up the mountain.  ...yet.
I don't want to give anything away, but I decided to insulate it with styrofoam boxes.  Did you know that Grocery stores get deliveries of styrofoam boxes packed with meat, fish... grapes... .all kinds of stuff.  Guess what happens to all those millions of boxes.  They get thrown in the garbage.  I couldn't believe it!  Its horrible!  What kind of monsters are we!  Well, I did what I could, and rescued over 2000!  :-)  They have new long term  life now.  ...and the landfills are happy about it.  So... if you're wondering how a nut makes a workshop out of garbage while trying to save the planet, and make it a more interesting place.... take a look!