Jaimie... gets hurt

Today (June, 6, 2000) I cut my wrist, no I'm not trying to kill myself. I can think of better ways to do that!  I was just throwing out this big piece of garbage, and it was 150lbs, a cubic meter, and it was sharp, and I had to lift it over a wall.
This one isn't much, but it was really dumb.  haa haa, I was trying to reach something while I was sitting on a rolly chair, and well I reached a little too far, and AAAAA!!!  the chair flipped over, I hit the ground, but luckily the corner of something broke my fall and poked me in the ribs, and scraped some skin off too.duh (Nov. 22. 00)
OK, I have no idea where this one came from.  I was in the shower and I was like... "Hey, whats that crap on my arm thats not coming off...???  ooohhh, its a scab, thats why its not washing off."  Don't know where it came from, or when it got there, but I noticed it on Dec. 2, 2000. Right after a 8 mile run in the freezin cold!
Lets see, I was out running in the cold again.  I guess ya just get numb in the cold 'cause I didn't notice when I got this scratch... not that its much of a scratch, I probly wouldn't have noticed anyway.  I got it on Jan. 7, 2001
I was at my friends house last night (Jane 24. 2001) making dinner.  I was cutting vegetables, and started day-dreaming about death, and how long someone would still live if various parts of them were cut off... next thing I know chop, there goes the end of my thumb!  he he, well, at least the skin stayed attached.
I was at track practice running hard as usual... and at the end of my last thing I just fell over on the track as I often do when I'm that whiped out.  I scuffed my knee.  No biggie.  January 25, 2001.  Oh, and I wasn't at home for the thunb one so I didn't get a picture of all the blood!  hee hee.  Not for this one either...  I'll try to do better next ti... oh wait, no I won't!  ha ha
I just drilled a hole right through my left thumbnail.  I was even thinkin'... hmmm, I hope I don't slip 'cause it'll go right through my... ZZZZZZRRRROOOO!
Oh, hmmm.  oops.
March 22, 2001
(Check out the close up on the right... pretty cool.  heh heh)
Oh, and please excuse the dirt... I'm workin' on something!
OK, I forgot when I did this one, or even when it was.  I just remember taking a picture of it about a month ago meaning to put it here...
Wasn't this a stupid one.  In the ever present problem of creating a square hole... we all know that you can use a drill bit to cut sideways, its just not so safe, and well I did anyway, with bare hands.  Duh!  Not that its a first, but... this was too big a piece of stuff for bare hands.  Too bad I didn't get a picture two days ago when I did it, It was totally bloody.
OK, so I've been incredibly lazy about updating this section of my website.  Really, though... I get cut or scraped or poison ivyed or who knows what all the time.  It was too much for me to handle.  Anyway... here's a typical bloody thumb.  I don't remember when it happened.  Some time near the end of 2004.
Well, hopefully no more anytime soon.