Jaimie's la-Forge

Sheesh, I need a digital camera...
This is the evolution of my sword making.  This first one is the first thing I forged.  Its about 2'6'' total.  The steel isn't great quality, but its not bad.  

Here's my second sword.  Its about 3' long total.  Same steel as the first one.  This one has a hilt though.  Click it to see a detail...  

My 3rd Sword shattered when I hardened it.  Quite a bummer because I did a good job on it.  Anyway, I got some quenching oil to prevent problems, and to my surprise when you quench steel in oil it gets a pitch black surface.  On this sword I liked the black so much I kept it (except where its sharpened).

This one is 4' long, and is made of spring steel (from a leaf spring... of a car).  Its very hard and very flexible.  I also made a scabbard for this one.

The Scabbard has cloth in it thats soaked with oil and wax to prevent rust of the blade.


Sword in the scabbard

Sword alone

Scabbard alone

Here's my favourite knife.  I made it in May, 2000.  I pounded it out of a leaf spring (from a car) and used a kiln to harden it.  It keeps a good enough edge to shave hairs.

blade before handle

detail of knife
It's 16'' long (11'' blade), and starts at a point and tapers up to 1/4'' thick at handle.

The handle seemed too boring, so I carved a spider into it.

Here's the back... (legs wrapped around).