The Giant Robot Project 

After years of building small toy robots, I've decided that the world needs a giant one.  A robot big enough to get into and drive.  I've got the design, and a small prototype.  Now I'm ready to build a 12ft tall, 18ft wide, 6 legged spider tank.  I may need some help.  Whether it be words of encouragemenet, help finding supplies or tools, or even financial donations.  If you have any interest in Giant Robots, check out the progress below.  :-)  LOADS of videos already.  I think I'm up to #38 on the video updates while I'm updating this right now.  Its almost walking.  The first test drive whould be up soon!

Giant Robot T-shirts!  I made Giant Robot T-shirts!  :-)

OK, due to popular demand... "vintage" Giant Robot Shirts are back.  I'm testing out an online shirt making place... here's where you can order 'em if you want one.

This way you can get whatever colour you want.  If you want me to set up any other configurations, just ask.  ...I'll add ones I think are good.  :-)


Just go to Youtube to see all the videos!  There are non-Robot ones too... if you're into that.
Oh, and I just looked at this.  Right now its only showing up to Giant Robot #49.  ...but there are 55 in the playlist on youtube.  So.... I don't know what the problem is, but if you go to youtube, they're all on there.



What I've Got so far

How you can Help

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This project is the culmination of one basic premise.  The world needs more giant robots!  I wouldn't even know where to find one if I tried.  Giant robots inspire imaginations, and encourage interest in science.  The giant robot I plan to build will also be the greatest offroad vehicle on the planet.  That makes it extra cool, and I think will help to bring science and engineering to a whole new audience.  No longer will we need to look to Science fiction for our giant robots.  They will be part of the world.
Now, this is already happening.  People scattered all over the planet are building strange and amazing creations in their garages, or backyards, or wherever.  I've been recieving a lot of interest in the giant robot I'm planning to build.  People often ask how they can help.  I'm terrible at accepting charity, or asking for help.  I have often offerred help to others with only the reward of feeling super about having been part of a great project.  I see no reason to let my personal pride prevent others from being part of this great project.
I have already applied for a grant.... but after 6 months of no response, I'm tired of waiting.  I am already emotionally committed to the project so I am going forward with it.

Apr. 2009 I was on the news!  Channel 3, Burlington..... basically local Vermont news.
Well, I had the video on here, but it automatically starts playing when you open the page, and thats just annoying! I'm just linking it.... HERE....

I was in the Newspaper regarding this project. ...St. Pete Times.  ...uh... just check this.

The article is here.....

Here's the gist.  See the little drawing of a person with little levers in his hands?  Thats the driver, but he/she will be much bigger.... and more human.

This is a plastic prototype.  ...made from all original Jaimie-made pieces.  The big one will be made of steel and aluminium mostly.  ...about 12ft tall, and 18ft across.

Click this to see video

What I've got so far...

Designs.  Thats what I've got.  Good designs.  This is the working prototype of the giant robot I am building.  It is only a foot tall radio controlled plastic copy, but the big one will be 12ft tall, and made of steel, and aluminium.  It is a large undertaking, and I need some help.  I have often offerred my complimentary services to projects I felt were worth doing.  I am hoping that some of that karma will come back in the form of people who feel that this giant robot thing is worth the effort to bring into the world.

I hope to update this section a lot once I get some momentum.  :-)

Uhh.... ya.  Obviously, from the videos I've gotten a bit further than this.  :-)  The silly thing is almost done. 

How you can Help!

What I am looking for is help in the form of materials (I'll make a list below), tools (I'll list these too), money, or even just some good old fashioned encouragement is appreciated.  So feel free to send me a message.  [email protected]

The simplest and easiet way to help out is to send a few bucks.  Seriously.  Anything is appreciated.  I can stretch a dollar mighty far.  (it helps to be able to do that when doing these sorts of things).  If you want me to promise to give you a ride in it when its done in exchange for your excellent efforts, just send me a message.  Trust me, anyone helping with this project will be in my good books, big time.  :-)  So like... click on that button over to the right.  Oh, or send something to my mailbox....
Jaimie Mantzel
780 Pluck Hill Rd
South Royalton, VT 05068
If you can pay for it, I'll even drive the thing over to you.

I live in central Vermont, so this stuff will have to either be relatively close.  I do travel a good deal and can pick stuff up in the New England area, and sometimes outside that.  I'll obviously travel farther to pick things up if its a lot of useful stuff.  (I'm not stuck on the idea of building it at home either.  I'm open to other locations).
Here's a quick list of things I'll need.  Whatever I can't find here, or in a scrap yard, I'll have to buy.  I'll update this as I get things.

OK, so.... I've completely lost track of the robo-needs.  I'm usually so busy doing real life things, I don't get in here to ed much.  The giant robot is almost finished.

-I just need to order a few sprockets  (I know where to get 'em fairly cheap.  ...I just have to check what size axles I have left over, and what bearings I have.  ...then get the appropriate ones.
-a radio contol.  Something at least 2 channels, and is 2.4ghz.  I can't be losing control of the thing from bad signal!  :-P
-and some li-ion battery packs.  Something that'll add up to 100-130V.  This will be the biggest expense.  Maybe like $1000.  I may be able to get a bit of funding for that, though.  Crossing fingers. 

So ya... I spose now that I'm down to the end, everything I need is so specific, a bit of money to help get them is the most useful thing.  Oh, 'cept for the radio control.  Thats pretty generic. long as its got a transmitter, reciever, and a couple servos.  :-)

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the Giant robot!  I wouldn't have gotten this far by now without it!


-Occassional use of a mill and lathe would be super!
-The person who stole tools out of my truck last year's head on a stake?  hmm.  ok, scratch that.
I guess there isn't much other than that.  I have pretty much everything else.

I have to say, its been a really amazing experience making this thing so far.  Exciting, frustruating, fun, tedious, in short.... awesome.  Right now I'm biting my nails waiting for the snow to chill out!  ...or warm up, actually.  I'm doing everything I can now so that when the spring hits, I'll be able to devote all my time to the robot.  I'm excited, and anxious.  Must relax.....  deep breaths....

I guess its a good thing I put video's on youtube.  I've been getting lots of encouragement.  I'm super grateful, and will stretch any monetary donations very far.  :-)

Wow, a wonderful lady I met in Alaska 2 years ago just helped me out a lot!  She knows swho shse is, and thanks!!!

So... construction of the big ball bearing is going well.  ...I think. 106 bolts to put in, and its done!  I'll get some video soon.

Dashaina put money in the robot jar YAY!   ...AND tested out my payment button with the balance of her paypal account.  sweet!

Tom gave me a whole bunch of leftoever aluminium pipe!