What kind of hand saw can I get to cut through thick logs?

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What kind of hand saw can I get to cut through thick logs?

Postby Willzilla » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:49 am

At my local park a whole lot of massive pine trees have been cut down because of wind and anyone can just come get any scraps they want. Today I got some wood for making mallets but there are a few big logs (maybe about 2ft wide at the most) and I could make some profit from coffee tables made from them if I could cut them! I dont have a chainsaw and I only have normal hand saws. Ive been looking for bow saws and they seem a bit hard to find (of the right size too). I could make a bow saw if I could get a blade from somewhere which I will try look at more. Im willing to spend a bit of money some some tools (maybe a new axe too) because if I did I would be able to make that money back!

I was planning on cutting cross grain for table tops, but I could try get a biggish axe and split it up too for more square and long table tops, which more people might want to buy. I was going to use smaller branches to make tables out of them, and just use basic wood working tools and hammer the legs into holes etc without using anything fancy and keeping the look for the wood.

Even if I dont get these big logs, there is so much free pine there mostly of good strength (not too soft) to make so many things! Out of a small branch I could make 10 of these thumb book holder things i make and sell and easily make $100 from about 2 weeks of a few hours a day! That is heaps for a 16 year old at home! It just gets boring making the same little things over and over.

Also I could get a friend in to operate the other end of a saw if such saws are available! If anyone knows any good online shops I could get bow saw blades from I can have a look ,but long shipping times wont do.
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Re: What kind of hand saw can I get to cut through thick log

Postby mcaK » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:18 pm

Maybe you can consider something like this:

http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo- ... ow-saw.php

If you were able to to find a sympathetic woodworking business you might be able to salvage broken blades from from their commercial band saw for blade stock to make your hand saws.
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