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Postby dante » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:26 pm

it is a tool that we need !

Well for OLD machines, i reccomend some small ubuntu distos, like DamnSmallLinux, or Puppy.
I was using Puppy and i was happy about it ;) Its copyin into RAM and run pretty nice.. u can save session into USB flash disk, or any other mounted units.

Bout notSoOld but messy, well i recommend some older things, like LinuxSUSE, ArchLinux maybe too..

On almostNew i reccomend ubutnu maverick meercat 10.10 ! :) i am using it right now,
its have a preet nice gnome interface, very powerfull, very elastic,

On brand new eqiupment - for today (2011) i reccomend ubuntu 11.04 it is having some "mobile phone look like design" so its easiest, and have a new graphical engine caled 'unity'

u cann google and download all these systemz, its legal, and free,
but while u dont have windows u can have some device difficulities, for example i cannot print on my two printers becouse i was so unlocky to have two models that is not having linux drivers ;/ but for most of things u will have drivers, specially when its is popular.

Why i am talking about linux only? well, i was ..anoyed by bluescreens, viruses and PLEASE WAIT or ERRORs things on windows, so i kicked it out from my computers, and i am using linux. well after few years in linux i am happy ;) and so legal and free.

ps U can run most of programs and games if u have proper drivers and good parts, - from windows - at linux , just install in linux application "wine" , u cann google it with "hq wine download"

good luck.

(ps. u can run every distibution of linux live - from CD or DVD without installing, it will be slower - depending on ur dvdrom speed- but u can test if everything is working before u wonna switch to linux,
u can also install windows and linux on same disk, remmember to install windows first, then install linux - a disk manager will take a free space on disk (u can change every single option) to create a linux partition in linux like ubuntu10.10 there is easy menu that will tell u what to do every single step. in ur language.
have fun .
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Re: operation(computer)systems!

Postby sjvsworldtour » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:00 pm

I am a Fedora user and like the new GNOME 3 desktop, which similar to unity. I have never used ubuntu but I have heard good things about it and actually interact with people that work for the company that distributes it.

I originally tried linux pretty early on, around 92 or 93. Configuration and compatibility was a pain. These days most things just work with it and I highly recommend it. You can't beat the price.

How I decided to transition from windows was by putting Linux on a separate system and using it to see if I ever needed to us windows. Initially I needed it for some music player support, but that is no longer true.

Linux will do what most people want and doesn't have all the virus issues.
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Re: operation(computer)systems!

Postby Scodiddly » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:56 pm

I'm going back to Linux, finally. Used to use it a few years ago, then ended up doing Apple for a while. I like the Mac stuff because they're so quiet! But after having had a couple machines with weird problems, I'm back to needing a "home base" small desktop. So I ordered a little miniature Linux box with the latest Ubuntu - quiet, low power consumption, etc.
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